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 Design awards that Thinkable Studio have won or been commended in arrayed in a line

....Jorg's work has been awarded major design awards, including two IDEA Gold Awards, Silver awards, iF Awards and multiple Good Design Awards. His work has been exhibited by museums and widely published. To date he holds over 60 design and utility patents.


Jörgs Arbeit wurde mit bedeutenden Designpreisen ausgezeichnet, darunter zwei IDEA Gold Awards, Silber Awards, iF Awards, Red Dot Awards und mehrere Good Design Awards. Seine Arbeiten wurden von Museen ausgestellt und veröffentlicht. Bis heute hält er über 60 Design- und Gebrauchsmusterpatente.



Red Dot Award

2017    DS8100 Healthcare, Zebra Technologies

2016    Ultra-Rugged 3600 series, Zebra Technologies

2015    MC18 Mobile Computer, Zebra Technologies

2013    HC1 Headset Computer, Motorola Solutions


IF Design Award

2017    Rhino DS 3600, Zebra Technologies

2014    MP6000 Bioptic Imager, Motorola Solutions

2003   LS1900 Cobra Barcode Scanner, Symbol Technologies


Good Design Award

2017    Rhino DS 3600, Zebra Technologies

2001    LS1900 Cobra Barcode Scanner, Symbol Technologies

1999     Phaser P460 Barcode Scanner, Symbol Technologies


IDA Award

2017    Helios 1.0,  Gold 

2017    Project OMNI, Silver

2017    Helios 1.0, Honorable Mention

2017    Man In A Cage,  Honorable Mention  


IDSA International Design Excellence Awards

2014    HC1 Headset Computer, Finalists for Motorola Solutions

1999    LifeStick concept, SILVER Award, Datascope

1998    P460 Phaser Barcode Scanner, GOLD Award, Symbol Technologies

1996    MK9 Motorcycle,  GOLD Award, Machineart


Other Design Awards

2014    Edison Bronze Award,  HC1 Headset Computer, Motorola Solutions

2014    IJL Editor's Choice award,  'Impossible Jewellery' range SAXONS OF OXFORD

2014    Jewel Street, SAXONS OF OXFORD Men's Jeweller of the year

2013    CES Innovations Award, HC1 Headset Computer, Motorola Solutions

2000   Chrysler Design Award finalist for Corporate Design Group recognition

1999    Smithsonian Institute, Washington, Permanent Collection and Retail Futures Exibit for Symbol Technologies, Personal Shopper System 

1998    ID Magazine Annual Design Awards, Design Distinction for Symbol Technologies, P460 Phaser Barcode Scanner