OxSight Helios Smartglasses

.... helping the legally blind navigate their environment ..Helios ist ein revolutionäres Produkt, welches es (legal) blinden Menschen ermöglicht, sich durch ihr Umfeld zu navigieren. Es wurde konzipiert von einem Team von Wissenschaftlern an der Oxford University. ....

OxSight, 2015

Helios is a groundbreaking product to help the legally blind navigate their environment. Helios is from a pioneering team from Oxford University.

Using technology adapted from the products such as the Microsoft Kinect, Helios uses RGB and depth sensors to feed an enhanced image back to the individual via Epson Moverio BT-200 smartglasses.

No one person has the same impairment, so Helios is made to adapt to a variety of conditions and can be tuned to cope with different degrees of impairment.