The Year of the Hologram

5 fairies dancing around a young girls hand while she learns how to play piano with their guidance

2016 is the year of the Hologram! Our partners at WaveOptics feature prominently in this article on the Telegraph. We are really thrilled to see the surge of interest in AR & VR and can’t wait for everyone to see the products we’re working on!

"Walk into a bar this year, and you could see things that aren’t there - and not because you’ve had one too many. Completely realistic holograms, that will be generated when you pass a sensor, are coming to the high street...

Holograms, augmented reality - which superimposes technology over the real world - and virtual reality (VR), its totally immersive counterpart, are tipped to be the hot trends in retail next year...

Some of the technology being developed by Waveoptics - one of the companies at the forefront of the augmented reality revolution - involves wearing a pair of everyday glasses, rather than the unwieldy Google Glass-type specs..."


Full article here:

Two gladiators virtually fight in a miniature colosseum hovering over a book about Roman history