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OxSight smartglasses for the visually impaired in Wired Magazine

To see, you need more than eyes. "Even when someone is losing their sight, they still have a good brain that's trying to understand and pick up clues from objects, if given enough input," says Stephen Hicks, research fellow in neuroscience at the University of Oxford. This mechanism means partially sighted people can be helped to see, even as their eyesight worsens. To make that possible, Hicks's startup, OxSight, is building augmented-reality glasses that render the physical world visible, even to the visually impaired.

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Thinkable in the Media

We recently featured in the Hong Kong magazine BranD; focusing on the latest wearable technologies currently on the market. The article featured our design for the Motorola Solutions HC1. Designed for field services and the public safety sector, HC1 can stream video, display schematics and manuals, offer communication and navigation...

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