Zebra Ultra Rugged 3600 Series

.... The highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications in the industry ..Die 3600 Serie von Zebra verkörpert einen der robustesten Barcodescanner mit der höchsten Spezifikation in seiner Industrieklasse. ....

Zebra Technologies, 2013

We developed the product in collaboration with Zebra's inhouse design team for best-in-class ergonomics while providing the highest survival spec for drop/seal/tumble testing in this market. The 3600 survives 2.4m drops to concrete, 5000 tumble tests, while being water submersible or ready for use in freezer environments or blazing heat.

Together with its line of accessories, Thinkable envisioned a new product language for the Zebra scanner line. The aesthetics, visualizing to great effect the harshness of the environment, stay true to the excellent human factors and ergonomics that Zebra products are known for.